About us

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twelfthofmarch believes in an online boutique that combines craftsmanship and quality with the best of all our travels. We want to open up the world of effortless ease, natural tones and materials of the conscious traveller to everyone.

All products in our shop are lovingly collected and consciously selected. Above all, we want to convey the attitude to life of our many journeys to distant countries and bring the best collected home.

Quality, natural materials and striving for more fairness and sustainability in this business is a big part of twelfthofmarch's identity.
Because we believe that every contribution to acting as consciously and sustainably as possible is a step towards a better world and that we can give something back to the earth. That's why we focus on plastic-free packaging, small and limited quantities (to avoid overproduction), natural materials and fair craftsmanship and collect our partners really carefully.