The Akméisty Goddess of Youth coin necklace

The Akméisty Goddess of Youth coin necklace

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24kt gold-plated coin
Sterling Silver chain
ring clasp fine gold filled
Length necklace 
45 cm
0.27 cm 


Inspired by a goddess holding a water jug that never runs dry, it symbolizes a woman's willpower, grace and eternal beauty. At the same time, motherhood represents vitality and prosperity. The coin is an ancient piece from Greece. 

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Natalia's handmade jewelry is an ode to femininity and its true beauty in all its imperfection. All jewelry is a companion for our daily adventures and shapes the owner during all his tragedies and joys in life. The works help to escape from the chaotic world and to let the beauty and (im)perfection of nature affect you anew.
All pieces are handmade by Akméisty in Lithuania.